Boyd Leopard began his career with Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict in the summer of 1989, during which he has gained valuable knowledge in all facets of the wastewater collection system industry.  The principles of his work ethic were evident early on as he was asked to work on every crew in the wastewater collection system department.  When someone needed help, they knew who to ask: Mr. Reliable.  He then found a home as a construction supervisor where he was introduced to the many areas of construction, such as building infrastructures to specifications on plans and drawings.  As he established a strong foundation on the construction side of operations, Boyd was promoted to Operations Supervisor where he became proficient in the planning side of operations, further developing his own leadership style.

Boyd is currently the department head (Superintendent) for the Wastewater Collection System Department at Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict.  With over 22 years of industry experience, an uncanny ability to anticipate, and excellent recognition/problem solving skills, Boyd has the experience and ability to tackle any situation.  Humble beginnings have molded his unique management style which lends itself to immediate results from not only departmental staff but outside agencies and organizations.  “I really enjoy the challenges of developing working relationships with the many county and state organizations,” states Boyd. 

For the duration of his leadership initiative as Superintendent, Boyd has accomplished multiple departmental goals which include: completion of the departmental standard operating procedure manual; drastically reducing sanitary sewer overflows; continuously educating the public and private systems on reducing inflow/infiltration; completion of the newly updated map books; and instigating a much needed Parker District Rehabilitation Work Plan.  He was also awarded the 2009 Safety Award for Zero Accidents/Claims and the 2010 Award for Most Recorded Production from Operations/Maintenance & Rehabilitation, just to name a few.  Assimilating a dynamic and enthusiastic staff, ongoing training, and driving departmental directives have been instrumental in helping him with these accomplishments. Boyd goes on to say, “I’m fortunate to have surrounded myself with such a capable staff in the office and at operations and maintenance.  Clear direction, along with continuous support from the Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict Board of Commissioners, and assistance from other departments within the district has made my job easier.  There’s not enough time in the day to do everything myself.”

Boyd is not only a leader at Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict but is a leader with the wastewater collection system industry.  He has been recognized by fellow peers from all parts of South Carolina as someone that has in-depth construction knowledge.  “I fully support the Water Environment Association of South Carolina in the direction it is taking our industry.  Over the course of the last few years, we have sent more people to the WEASC’s Voluntary Collection Certification than any other organization.  This is a direct result of our most recent 2010 Award for Most Recorded Production from Operations/Maintenance & Rehabilitation,” expresses Boyd.

By using multiple management philosophies, such as continuous improvement & reengineering, Boyd has restructured the wastewater collection system department into an efficient & effective collaboration of diverse talents that continue to push the boundaries of this ever expanding industry.  Boyd proclaims, “We are working hard every day and it is paying off.  The future looks bright at Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict!”