Quick Facts about Parker Sewer District

  • Parker encompasses just over 23 square miles.
  • Parker shares common boundaries with the City of Greenville, and the Wade Hampton, Metropolitan, Berea and Gantt Districts.  
  • Parker’s wastewater collection system extends 260 miles in length.  This is enough sewer line to reach from Greenville, SC to Birmingham, AL.
  • At the time of its inception, Parker comprised fourteen (14) communities; Woodside Mill, Mills Mill, Monaghan Mill, Sans Souci, Poe Mill, West Greenville, Brandon Mill, Judson Mill, Dunean Mill, Duncan’s Chapel, Union Bleachery, American Spinning Company, City View and Park Place.  (View Community Maps)
  • Parker’s system includes approximately 7000 manholes.
  • In 1934, the South Carolina legislature created Parker Water and Sewer Sub-District for the purpose of installing and maintaining water and sewer lines.  Fire service was added shortly after in 1942. 
  • The South Carolina General Assembly authorized the sale of the water distribution system to the Waterworks System of the City of Greenville (now Greenville Water System) in 1962. 
  • Parker officially changed its name to Parker Sewer and Fire Subdistrict in 1972.
  • 19,000 parcels cover the District