Locate Services


Tap Locates – Every home or business that is tied onto sewer is connected by what is called the ‘sewer tap,’ which connects the sewer line coming from the structure (called the service lateral) to our sewer main line. However, often the property owner does not know exactly where their sewer tap is. A homeowner or a plumber hired by a homeowner may need to know this information. One of the services provided by the District is the location of these sewer taps. For a $50 fee, the District will come to the site and assist in the location of the sewer tap. We are usually able to finish the work within three (3) business days of your request.


Main Line Locates – Often contractors or private constituents need to know exactly where the entire length of one of our sewer mains lies. Parker District is a member of SC811 (formerly known as PUPS). If you request utility location through SC811, we will be notified and will mark our lines without being called directly by you.  There is NO CHARGE for this service and we will complete the work within three (3) business days. Please allow time for us to complete this work. If you dig before we have marked the line, you may damage the sewer line. If you break or damage a line without having had the line marked, you could be held financially liable for the cost of repairs.


Verification of Sewer Connection – Sometimes a property owner (or prospective one) may not even know if their house or business is tied onto sewer at all. If you are a property owner, real estate agent, or other interested party then you can call Parker Sewer District to verify this for you. Our crews will go out and investigate. We will then notify you of the results. This work is also done free of charge.


Rehab Fee Investigation – The Rehabilitation Fee is assessed annually on each property owner’s property tax bill. For more information on the Rehabilitation Fee, click here. If your property is on a septic tank or is unimproved, you may be eligible to be made exempt from the Rehab Fee. However, you must call us and tell us the situation. We will have a crew go out, at no cost to you, and verify your claims. If we verify the information you have given is correct, you will have the Rehab Fee removed from present and future property tax bills. In cases where you have recently paid your tax notice, you can bring us your Greenville County Tax Paid Receipt and we will then mail you a full reimbursement for the Rehab Fee you paid.