Parker District WWCS




Superintendent:  This position answers directly to the Board of Commissioners and is responsible to the Board for the recommendation and enforcement of policies and procedures and the overall management of administrative, operational and technical issues as they relate to the District’s wastewater collection system, developers, contractors, other public work agencies & utilities, regulatory agencies and the District taxpayers. 

Technical Services


Technical Services:  This department serves a number of different functions for Parker Sewer District. The employees that are part of this department conduct some or all of the numerous technical and administrative responsibilities needed for the operation of the District. These responsibilities include payroll, payables, project oversight, and other administrative services. These employees also use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance and Management System) software, civil design software, and also to a more limited degree conduct surveys, IT work, and GPS point collection. This department has the unique ability to work with our public constituents, our commissioners, our department head and the operations center to achieve excellence in service for Parker Sewer District.

System Monitoring, Line Cleaning, & Rehab Crews

System Monitoring Crew (SMC): This crew is responsible for all system televising and monitoring.  System CCTV work includes maintaining a system inventory of main lines, PACP defect identification and analysis for operations and rehabilitation, location work & marking of mains, manholes and services for the Department, other utilities and new service customers, follow-up televising after main line stoppages or other problems, and the investigation of troublesome customer services per District policy.  This activity includes the provision of most maintenance and repair services on the equipment.  System monitoring work includes installing, operating, and maintaining electronic flow and rain monitors for the evaluation of system capacity and the analysis of infiltration and inflow.

Line Cleaning Crew (LCC):  This crew is responsible for all routine and special sanitary sewer system cleaning.  Cleaning, within this context, includes the hydraulic jetting, mechanical & hydraulic root cutting, herbicide foaming, high-pressure de-scaling system lines and manholes.  In support of routine field operations this crew also responds to line stoppage and slow drainage reports.

Rehabilitation (Rehab) Crew:  This crew is responsible for performing Sanitary System Evaluation Survey (SSES) which includes night flow isolation, dye water testing, smoke testing, manhole inspections and CCTV of mainlines to determine condition of wastewater collection system prior to rehabilitation.

Construction & Line Maintenance Crews

Construction Crews (CC):  This division is made up of two crews.  These crews perform all “in-house” sewer system construction work, to include the installation, rehabilitation, repair and replacement of manholes, mains and services.  In addition to routine construction each crew performs or is developing the ability to perform specialty work such as directional boring & pipe bursting which increases the capabilities to perform a broader range of “trenchless” work that will be needed as more difficult to access portions of the system are rehabilitated.

Line Maintenance Crew (LMC):  This crew is responsible for the removal of tree and bush debris within public right-of-way (easements).   Clearing ROWs allows for periodic maintenance of sewer mainlines.