Welcome to the Parker Sewer District

Thank you for visiting our website.  The Parker Sewer & Fire Subdistrict’s jurisdictional area covers slightly over 23 square miles. It is roughly situated to the west of the City of Greenville and joins the City along most of Parker's eastern boundary.  The District also shares common boundaries with Wade Hampton, Metropolitan, Duncan Chapel, Berea and Gantt Districts along its northern, western and southern sections.  A portion of the Saluda River is located on the westerly section of the District.  The most highly developed and dense areas of the District surround the eight major textile mills (Woodside Mill, Mills Mill, Monaghan Mill, Poe Mill, Brandon Mill, Judson Mill, Dunean Mill, and Union Bleachery Mill) that were built in the late 1920’s.  Several major roadways pass through the District along which the majority of the commercial establishments have developed.  The wastewater collections system includes approximately 260 miles of main lines and 7000 manholes.


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